Principal Ms. Mensch

A modern retelling of a classic Yiddish folktale reminding us that perspective is everything.

“This charming take on the classic story can be used by parents and teachers to promote discussion, but it is also just plain fun.”

—Jewish Book Council

About Michal

Michal lives in California with her husband, three kids, three dogs, one cat, and a bearded dragon named Gus Pirate Potato. After many years as a teacher and elementary school resource specialist, Michal decided to say “YES” to her writing dreams. She now spends her days wrangling teenagers, telling the dogs to stop barking, ignoring cat barf, and saying “NO” to distractions.

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About On Friday Afternoon

Coming April 30, 2024. Pre-order now!

There’s only three hours until Shabbat, and there’s still a lot to be done! But Friday afternoon’s plans of cleaning the house and collecting donations go sideways with Leelee and her dog, Pickles, at the helm. With so much  to do – and so many distractions – will the family be ready in time for candle lighting?

Leelee and Pickles

About The Incredible Shrinking Lunchroom

What do you do when the school lunchroom gets
too crowded?

The students at Parley Elementary have a hard time using the space in their lunchroom efficiently. When they get tired of shoving and arguing, they write a letter to their principal asking for help. She responds by moving all the science projects into the lunchroom. Now it’s even more crowded!

“Sage, farcical wisdom for lunchtime or any time.”

Kirkus Reviews

About I’m a Gluten-Sniffing Service Dog

Chewie's nose always knows. That's why he's training to be a gluten-detection service dog for Alice. His job will be to keep Alice from getting sick. But Chewie gets distracted by bugs in the air and pizza on the sidewalk. He must find a way to focus and complete his training―because Alice needs him.

“This good-hearted book makes a serious subject fun and interesting.”

Kirkus Reviews


I’m a Gluten-Sniffing Service Dog Activity

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Read to find out Michal’s recommended picture books as well as growing up in the desert.


Michal was featured in “Beyond Tradition: Recent Jewish-themed Books Show Diversity of Characters and Genres” from School Library Journal

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